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Using Troubleshooting Chart

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your authorized dealer for service.

When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your authorized dealer.



Engine Will Not Start

Fuel tank is empty.

Disconnected or dirty spark plug.

Battery dead (JS46).

Stale or dirty fuel.

Excess oil in engine or air cleaner filter saturated with oil.

Engine Starts Hard, Loses Power, or Runs Rough

Stale or dirty fuel.

Dirty air cleaner components.

Dirty spark plug.

Engine speed needs adjusting - See your John Deere Dealer.

Engine Stalls

Cold engine.

Cutting height too low.

Mowing too fast.

Engine Vibrates

Loose blade bolt.

Blade bent or not balanced.

Drive belt loose or frayed.

Mower Mows Unevenly

Height adjusters are not even (JS26).

Mowing pattern not changed.

Blade dull, bent, or not balanced.

Ground speed too fast for conditions.

Discharge Chute Plugs

Grass not dry.

Cutting height not raised high enough.

Dirty or full grass bag.

Mowing too fast.

Mower Jerks or Will Not Move

Drive belt broken.

Transmission/wheel drive out of adjustment.

Neutral lock is locked.

Mulched Grass Clumps or Rough

Grass not dry.

Mowing too fast.

Blade dull.

Cutting height set too low.

Slow Maximum Ground Speed

Adjust drive cable using thumbwheel adjuster to increase ground speed.