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A - 54C Deck and Driveshaft

B - Mower Discharge Chute and Hardware


A - 62C Deck and Driveshaft

B - Mower Discharge Chute and Hardware


Picture Note: Front Deck Hanger Bracket

Install Mower Discharge Chute

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Rotating blades can throw objects or debris. Do not operate mower without discharge chute or entire grass catcher in place.

NOTE: Your mower deck may be shipped with or without discharge chute installed.

1. Hold chute firmly on mower deck when installing.


2. Install mower discharge chute to mower deck with two bolts (A) and lock nuts (B).

3. Tighten nuts to 20 N•m (15 lb-ft).

4. Check hinge action by opening and releasing the chute. The chute must spring back completely to the lowered position.

Install Mower Deck Gauge Wheels

NOTE: Turn all gauge wheel handles down and in towards the machine.


1. Remove gauge wheels (A) by pulling back on release rod (B).

2. Insert gauge wheels, wheel down.

3. Pull and hold release rod, move wheel to desired position.

4. Insert release rod in hole.