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Operating Controls

Operator Station Controls


Picture Note: Model 1023E Shown.

A - Brake Pedal

B - Light Control/Warning Flasher Light Switch

C - Turn Signal Switch

D - Instrument Cluster

E - Power Take Off (PTO) Switch

F - Engine Speed Hand Throttle

G - Fuel Shut Off Valve

H - Ignition Key Switch

I - Park Brake Lock

J - Forward Travel Pedal

K - Reverse Travel Pedal

L - Selective Control Valve (SCV) Couplers

M - Selective Control Valve (SCV) Lever

N - Rockshaft Control Lever

O - Selective Control Valve (SCV) Lock Lever

P - Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) Control Lever

Q - Rate of Drop / Lock Valve (1023E)

R - Rate of Drop / Lock Valve (1026R)

S - Operator Seat Adjustment Lever

T - Differential Lock Pedal

U - Power Take Off (PTO) Selector Lever

V - Mower Deck Height Control

W - Transmission Range Shift Lever

X - Fuel Gauge

Y - Fuel Filler Cap

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