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Preparing Vehicle

Install Required Attachments

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Avoid Injury or machine damage, proper ballasting is recommended for safe operation of your blade and tractor.

NOTE: Before you attach blade, REMOVE MOWER DECK from tractor. (See Removing and Storing Mower section in your Tractor Operator’s Manual.)

Required Attachment

A FRONT IMPLEMENT LIFT KIT and ATTACHING PARTS KIT are REQUIRED to mount this blade to your tractor. (See your John Deere dealer to order these attachments.)

Recommended Attachments

See your John Deere dealer for the following attachments.

• Rear Tire Chains: For better traction in ice or snow.

• For Additional Traction Use One of the following:

• Plastic Shell Rear Wheel Weights:, OR

• Suitcase Weights: Four 19 kg (42 lb) weights, OR

• Tractor Trunk with maximum ballast of 68 kg (150 lb).

• Bar Tires: For dirt applications.

• Manual Angling Kit: Allows angling blade from the tractor seat for operator convenience.

• Rubber Squeegee Kit: Provides an extra measure of cleaning action in very wet or slushy snow; Prevents blade from scratching or digging into the driveway surface; Also reduces damage to sod, along sidewalks and driveways.

Check Tire Pressure

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! To prevent damage to tire: DO NOT use more than maximum tire pressure shown on sidewall of tire.

NOTE: See your Tractor Operator’s Manual for correct tire pressure.

Check tire pressure with an accurate gauge.

Add or remove air, if necessary.

Install Sway Bar Bracket


• Slide two M8 clamp-on nuts (A) over holes on right-front side of tractor frame.

• Align holes in sway bar bracket (B) with holes in bottom of frame and fasten with two M8x25 bolts (C). Tighten bolts.