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Using Troubleshooting Chart

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your John Deere dealer for service.

When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your John Deere dealer.




Engine will not start

Battery has low voltage.

Loose or corroded battery connections.

Fusible link is melted.

Spark plug wire is loose or disconnected.

Faulty spark plug or coil.

No fuel or improper fuel.

Plugged fuel filter.

Defective starter solenoid.

Open-circuit in wiring.

Engine is hard to start

Engine is cold.

Plugged fuel filter.

Carburetor not adjusted properly or dirty.

Engine oil viscosity too heavy.

Spark plug is fouled.

Faulty spark plug or wire.

Loose or corroded electrical connections.

Stale or improper fuel.

Choke not being used or adjusted incorrectly.

Engine misses under load

Faulty spark plug.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Plugged fuel filter.

Faulty coil or wire.

Engine vapor locks

Poor quality fuel or methanol.

Very hot weather conditions.

Fuel tank vent plugged.

Dirt in fuel filter.

Engine runs unevenly

Cooling fins plugged (GATOR 4x2).

Loose electrical connections.

Choke or throttle cable sticking.

Fuel line or fuel filter plugged.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Improper fuel.

Air cleaner element plugged.

Carburetor not adjusted correctly.

Spark plug is fouled.

Engine overheats

Air cleaner element missing or plugged.

Carburetor air intake tube plugged.

Engine fins plugged (GATOR 4x2).

Engine oil low.

Engine operated too long at slow engine speed.

Bleed cooling system (GATOR 6x4).

Check cooling fan switch (GATOR 6x4).

Check thermostat (GATOR 6x4).

Check water pump (GATOR 6x4).

Clean radiator screens (GATOR 6x4).

Check coolant level (GATOR 6x4).

Engine loses power

Engine overheating.

Too much oil in engine.

Faulty spark plug.

Fuel supply being restricted.

Fuel filter plugged

Fuel line pinched or kinked.

Fuel pump output not adjusted to specification.

Improper fuel.

Air cleaner element plugged.

Engine knocks

Low engine speed.

Stale or low octane fuel.

Engine overloaded.

Engine backfires

Backfires on shutdown - allow engine to idle for a few minutes before shutting engine down.

Backfires under deceleration - carburetor needs adjustment.




Starter does not work

Loose or corroded connections.

Low battery output.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Faulty starter.

Starter cranks slowly

Low battery output.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Engine oil too heavy.

Loose or corroded connections.

Entire electrical system does not work

Blown fuse.

Loose or corroded connections.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Dead battery

Shorted starter solenoid.

Key switch not turned to "STOP" position.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Battery light comes on when engine is running

Low engine speed.

Faulty voltage regulator.

Faulty battery.

Faulty alternator.

Grounded wire in circuit.

Indicator lights do not come on when key switch is in "START" position

Faulty bulb.

Faulty wiring.

Faulty sensor.

Battery will not take a charge

Dead cell in battery.

Loose or corroded connections.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Fluid level low.




Brakes squeal or make noise

Change transaxle oil.

Check for debris or moisture in oil.