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Storing the Machine

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Fuel vapors are explosive and flammable. Engine exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and can cause serious illness or death:

Run the engine only long enough to move the machine to or from storage.

DO NOT store vehicle with fuel in the tank inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark.

Allow the engine to cool before storing the machine in any enclosure.

1. Park the vehicle safely. (See Parking Safely in the SAFETY section.)

2. Allow vehicle to cool.

3. Replace all worn, damaged, or missing parts. Tighten loose hardware as needed.

4. Wash the machine. Clean inside the engine compartment and under the cargo box.

5. Run engine for several minutes to dry belts, pulleys, and other moving parts.

6. Clean and polish metal and plastic surfaces. (See SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS section for proper care instructions.)

7. Apply light coat of oil to pivot and wear points to prevent rust.

8. Lubricate grease points.

9. Replace fuel filter if needed.

10. Change engine oil and filter.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Stale fuel can produce varnish and plug carburetor components and affect engine performance. Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel before filling tank.

11. Drain all old fuel from tank.

12. Prepare fuel system for storage:

If planning to store vehicle with fuel tank empty, add a small quantity of fresh stabilized fuel to tank. Run engine until it runs out of fuel. This will circulate fuel mixture through engine.

If planning to store vehicle with fuel in the tank, fill tank completely with fresh stabilized fuel to prevent condensation build-up. Run engine for several minutes to circulate fuel mixture through engine.

13. Turn key to OFF position.

14. Remove and clean battery. Check battery electrolyte level if it is not a maintenance-free battery.

15. Store battery in a cool, dry place. Fully charge battery periodically during storage to maintain its longevity.

16. Support machine safely on blocks or stands to take weight off tires. Reduce 1/3 air from tires.

17. Cover machine with waterproof cover if stored outside.

Removing the Machine From Storage

1. Remove waterproof cover if stored outside.

2. Inspect tires and fill to proper air pressure.

3. Remove blocks or stands from under machine.

4. Charge and install battery.

5. Check wheel bolt torque.

6. Make sure all safety equipment is in place.

7. Check transaxle and engine oil levels.

8. Check coolant level.

9. Lubricate grease points.

10. Fill tank with fresh stabilized fuel if necessary.

11. Test the safety start system.

12. Start the engine. Check air restriction indicator.

13. Allow engine to run for 5 minutes before putting vehicle into operation.