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Service Statement

John Deere Parts


We help minimize downtime by putting genuine John Deere parts in your hands in a hurry.

That's why we maintain a large and varied inventory - to stay a jump ahead of your needs.

The Right Tools


Precision tools and testing equipment enable our Service Department to locate and correct troubles quickly... to save you time and money.

Well-Trained Technicians


School is never out for John Deere service technicians.

Training schools are held regularly to be sure our personnel know your equipment and how to maintain it.

Result? - Experience you can count on!

Prompt Service


Our goal is to provide prompt, efficient care when you want it and where you want it.

We can make repairs at your place or at ours, depending on the circumstances: see us, depend on us.

John DEERE SERVICE SUPERIORITY: We'll be around when you need us.