Frame Mounted Coulter

The frame mounted coulter can be used to assist the Tru-Vee™ opener to penetrate tough soil conditions. The frame mounted coulter cuts and displaces residue commonly found in no-till planting conditions.

The frame mounted coulter blade must be directly in front of the seed opener. To adjust the coulter blade side-to-side, do the following:

  • Remove cap screws (A).
  • Align blade with Tru-Vee™ opener by moving spacers from one side and placing on opposite side.
  • Reinstall cap screws.

IMPORTANT: Bottom edge of coulter blade is placed approximately 10 mm (3/8 in.) up from bottom edge of seed openers in normal conditions. (Check this dimension with machine in planting position on any level surface.) The force required for penetration and the help to maintain a constant seed depth is minimized.

As coulter blade wears, adjust coulter depth.

IMPORTANT: An option in heavy straw is to position bottom edge of coulter blade under bottom edge of seed openers, but doing so can affect seed depth.

To adjust depth of the coulter blade do the following:

  • Turn cap screw (B) clockwise to raise blade.
  • Turn cap screw (B) counterclockwise to lower blade.

Use the lightest setting possible to avoid over penetrating and disturbing seed bed in lighter soils.


A-Cap Screws
B-Cap Screw

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In heavier field conditions, commonly found in no-till planting conditions, install pin (A) in hole (B) for increased penetrating force.



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