Fuse and Relay Box on Tractors with Open Operator's Station

Fuse and relay box

NOTE: Depending on how the tractor is equipped, it may not have all the fuses and relays shown below.

The fuse and relay box is located on the left behind the operator's seat in the rear wall of the open operator's station.

Take the cover off.


LX25599,00004A9 -19-01FEB03-1/3

Fuses and relays

IMPORTANT: To prevent damage to the electrical system, never use a fuse with a rating higher than the one already installed.

F101 20-amp main switch (BAT) F102 30-amp, power supply for electronics F103 15-amp fuel pump, injection pump shut-off valve, fuel preheater F104 10-amp basic informator, Basic Control Unit (PTO, front-wheel drive, differential lock, turn-signal switch) (power supply) F105 20-amp left turn signal F106 20-amp right turn signal, hazard warning lights
F107 10-amp BCU controller (power supply) F108 20-amp brake switch, brake light F109 20-amp light switch (terminal B) F110 15-amp full-beam headlights F111 10-amp dipped-beam headlight, left F112 10-amp dipped-beam headlight, right F113 10-amp l.h. tail light F114 10-amp r.h. tail light F115 15-amp horn, plug for front loader F116 30-amp 3-terminal socket, socket strip (battery voltage) F117 30-amp 3-terminal socket, socket strip, 7-terminal socket F118 10-amp basic informator (battery voltage) F119 10-amp operator's seat

LX25599,00004A9 -19-01FEB03-2/3

F120 10-amp work lights on front fenders and front corner work lights F21/1 10-amp worklights on fenders (rear-facing) F21/2 10-amp ECU controller (battery voltage) F21/3 10-amp ECU controller (power supply) V101 Not used V102 Not used V103 Not used V104 Not used V105 Not used K101 Relay for power supply to electronics K102 Relay for 3-terminal socket, power outlet strip, 7-terminal socket K103 Relay for dipped-beam headlights K104 Not used K105 Acoustic alarm K106 Relay for full-beam headlights K107 Not used K108 3-amp lighting diode K108 1-amp diode for power supply to electronics K109 Relay for work lights on front fenders, front corner work lights K110 Not used K111 Not used K112 Not used K113 Relay for fuel preheater, fuel transfer pump, injection pump shut-off valve

LX25599,00004A9 -19-01FEB03-3/3