Using Diagnostics, Stored Codes and CAN Statistics

Display (D)


A-Settings Switch

B-Command Dial

C-Select Switch


NOTE: Not all languages are displayed on CommandCenter. Reference "Selecting Units and Language" in this section for more information on languages that can be displayed.

Press Settings Switch (A) to view menu items on Display (D). Rotate Command Dial (B) to scroll through menu items. Press Select Switch (C) when desired item is highlighted.

Stored Codes
CAN Statistics


IMPORTANT: Diagnostics and CAN Statistics are not normally used by the operator. Diagnostic codes and CAN statistics are used by service technicians to isolate, identify and resolve problems or malfunctions. Do not clear diagnostic codes from memory; this should only be done by a qualified, factory trained John Deere service technician.

Stored Codes: If any codes are stored, "Retrieving. . ." will appear, followed by the last displayed code. Use Command Dial to scroll through stored codes.

OUO1011,00053C2 -19-15AUG05-1/1