Change IVT Transmission/Hydraulic Oil

1. Start engine and operate several hydraulic functions to heat oil.

2. Park tractor on level surface. Lower rear hitch and front-mounted implements (if equipped).

3. Stop the engine and remove the key.

4. Remove drain plugs (A).

5. Replace transmission/hydraulic oil filters (B).

6. Replace seals and tighten drain screws to 50 N·m (35 lb-ft).

7. Add transmission/hydraulic oil to the transmission case.

Tractor Capacity
7220, 7320 60 Liters (15.9 gal.)
7420, 7520 66 Liters (17.4 gal.)


Operate engine and hydraulic functions briefly. Shut off the engine.

Wait for between 10 and 15 minutes before checking the oil level. It should be between the marks on the dipstick or sight-glass. If not, correct oil level.


Transmission/hydraulic oil filter & drain screws (7220,7320)


Transmission/hydraulic oil filter & drain screws (7420,7520)

A-Drain Plugs
B-Transmission/Hydraulic Oil Filter

OU1092A,000003F -19-26APR04-1/1