Load Center Fuses

The illustration to the right explains how to read the load center diagram.

A-Fuse Location Number
B-Fuse Size
C-Fuse Use/Description


Load Center - Legend

RW29387,000046A -19-06NOV07-1/4


RW29387,000046A -19-06NOV07-2/4

1-Not Used
3-Implement Power
4-Blower Motor
5-Key Switch
6-ATC and Pressurizer Blower
7-CommandCenter™-Unswitched Power
8-Right-Hand Junction Block, Convenience Outlet and Lighter-Battery Power

10-Reserved-Not Used
11-Reserved-Not Used
12-Not Used
13-Implement ELX, Controllers, GreenStar™
14-Accessory Relay/7 Pin
15-Beacon and Power Mirrors
16-Hazard and Light Switch
17-Powershift Transmission (PTP)
18-Not Used
19-Trailer Lights
20-Not Used
21-Operator Presence Seat Switch

22-Flex Cab Controller
23-SSU Power
24-Engine Control Unit (ECU)
25-Seat Controls
26-Business Band Radio, CB Radio, Field Office, Left-Hand Junction Block-Acc Key Switch
27-Convenience Right-Hand Junction Block, Accessories
29-Hydraulic Controller (Optional)
31-Not Used

32-Electric Fuel Pump
33-Powershift Transmission (PTP)
34-Not Used
K1-AC Relay, ATC
K2-AC Relay, Pressurizer Blower Motor
K4-Trailer Lights and Accessory Relay
K5-Accessory Relay
K6-Implement Power
K7-Trailer Brakes

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GreenStar is a trademark of Deere & Company

RW29387,000046A -19-06NOV07-3/4

IMPORTANT: Fuse replacement must be the same rating as the original.

Do not attempt to disassemble master fuse unless instructed by your John Deere dealer. Ensure both negative (-) and positive (+) battery connections are disconnected from both batteries prior to fuse inspection or replacement.

9030 Series Tractors have a 250 amp master fuse (A) and K301 Starter Relay (B) which can be accessed by the starter, on left rear of engine.


250 Amp Master Fuse

A-250 Amp Master Fuse (F001)
B-K301 Starter Relay

RW29387,000046A -19-06NOV07-4/4