Using Implement Codes

John Deere engineers have developed a code to determine how much front ballast is needed, for stability and steering control.

Implement codes for Rotary Disk Mowers are:

  • 265 Mower-54
  • 275 Mower-61
  • 285 Mower-70

Refer to chart to see how much front end weight is needed for implement when installed on tractor.

NOTE: If front tires contain liquid ballast, add 10 to code in chart. If tractor is equipped with a Quick-Coupler hitch, subtract 10 from code in chart.

Implement Code QUIK-TATCH®Weights
0-69 None
70-73 Weight Support
74-84 2
85-95 4


QUIK-TATCH is a trademark of Deere & Company.

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