Attaching PTO Driveline

causym CAUTION: Shut off tractor engine before attaching PTO driveline. Entanglement in rotating driveline can cause serious injury or death.

IMPORTANT: Keep driveline and powershaft splines clean of paint, dirt and chaff. Apply John Deere Moly High Temperature EP Grease or John Deere EP Moly grease on tractor PTO shaft before attaching PTO driveline.

1. Shut off tractor engine and remove key.

2. Raise tractor PTO shield, if equipped.

3. Remove PTO driveline from support.

4. Align splines of PTO driveline with tractor PTO shaft, push pin (A) in and push driveline onto tractor PTO shaft until pin snaps into place.

5. Lower tractor PTO shield, if equipped.

6. Attach PTO driveline shield chains to a fixed point on the tractor and a fixed point on the mower.


A-Push Pin

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