Detaching Mower from Tractor

causym CAUTION: To prevent personal injury caused by unexpected movement:

1. Park machines on a level surface.
2. Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park."
3. Disengage PTO.
4. Shut off tractor engine and remove key.

The cutterbar must be in operating (horizontal) position when the mower is detached from the tractor.

NOTE: John Deere 7000 Series tractor shown throughout procedure.

1. Lower cutterbar to operating (horizontal) position using tractor hydraulics. (See PREPARING MOWER FOR FIELD OPERATION in Operating the Mower section.)

2. Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park".

3. Shut off tractor engine and remove key.

AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-1/9

4. Release mower parking latch (A) and lower to engaged position (shown).

A-Parking Latch


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-2/9

5. Make sure tractor load/depth control is in position (A).

causym CAUTION: On 7000 Series John Deere tractors; Push SCV lever lockouts to the right (transport lock) before detaching implements to prevent implement movement and possible personal injury.

6. If equipped, push tractor SCV lever lockouts (B) to the right (transport lock).

7. Detach pull-rope from tractor operator's station.

A-Load/Depth Control Position
B-SCV Lever Lockouts


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-3/9

causym CAUTION: To prevent possible injury, use ONLY rockshaft/hitch control lever (A) when detaching implements. DO NOT use raise/lower switch (B).

8. Slowly push tractor rockshaft/hitch control lever (A) to lower mower cutterbar to the ground.

A-Rockshaft/Hitch Control Lever
B-Raise/Lower Switch


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-4/9

causym CAUTION: To avoid injury from escaping fluid under pressure, stop engine and relieve the pressure in the system before disconnecting or connecting hydraulic or other lines. Tighten all connections before applying pressure.

9. Disconnect hydraulic hose from tractor receptacle. Insert end of hydraulic hose through rubber grommet (B) in hitch frame.

10. Wrap pull-rope (A) around hitch, as shown.

11. Disconnect stop-chain (C), if equipped, and store at center link pin location.

B-Rubber Grommet


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-5/9

causym CAUTION: Shut off tractor engine before detaching PTO driveline. Entanglement in rotating driveline can cause serious injury or death.

12. Disconnect PTO driveline shield chains from the tractor and mower.

13. Raise tractor PTO shield, if equipped.


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-6/9

14. Support driveline (B) and push pin in and pull back on yoke (A). Slide driveline off tractor shaft.

15. Place PTO driveline into support (C).

16. Lower tractor PTO shield, if equipped.



AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-7/9

17. Tractor with draft link hitch;

a. Remove quick-lock pin (A) from both mower hitch pins

b. Detach tractor draft links from hitch pins

c. Reinstall quick-lock pins

d. Remove spring pin and pin (B) to detach tractor center link

e. Reinstall pin and spring pin

f. Carefully drive tractor away


A-Quick-Lock Pin
B-Spring Pin and Pin

AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-8/9

Tractor with quick-coupler hitch;

a. Raise both latch control levers (A) on quick-coupler

b. Lower quick-coupler until hooks clear mower hitch pins

c. Carefully drive tractor away

A-Latch Control Lever


AG,OUMX005,289 -19-08OCT98-9/9