Preparing Mower for Transport

IMPORTANT: Damage to cutterbar cover will occur if the mower is raised without folding cover back.

1. Raise pivoting cover support and lock in transport position. (See RAISING AND LOWERING PIVOTING COVER SUPPORT in Operating the Mower section.)

2. Raise mower, using tractor rockshaft/hitch control lever, until lower hitch pins are approximately 457 mm (18 in.) above the ground.


Cover Support in Transport Position

AG,OUMX005,292 -19-09OCT98-1/3

IMPORTANT: Before raising cutterbar fully to transport position, check to make sure cutterbar clears tractor tire and operator's station.

3. Pull on pull-rope ( in tractor operator station ) to disengage stop-bar (A). If stop-bar is binding, lower cutterbar slightly using tractor hydraulics.

4. Slowly raise cutterbar 2/3 of the way to transport position. If additional clearance is needed between cutterbar and tractor, extend tractor hitch center link.

5. Release pull-rope and continue raising cutterbar. As lift cylinder rod retracts, and cutterbar moves to vertical position, cutterbar engages transport lock latch (B).

causym CAUTION: To avoid personal injury, do not engage tractor PTO when mower is in transport position.

To prevent possible injury and equipment damage while transporting, set tractor hitch control lever in the transport lock position. This will prevent lowering the hitch.

6. If equipped, lock tractor rockshaft/hitch control lever in transport position.


B-Transport Lock Latch

AG,OUMX005,292 -19-09OCT98-2/3


Cutterbar in Transport Position

causym CAUTION: Prevent collisions between other road users, slow moving tractors with attachments or towed equipment, and self-propelled machines on public roads. Frequently check for traffic from the rear, especially in turns, and use hand signals or turn signal lights.

Use headlights, flashing warning lights, and turn signals day and night. Follow local

regulations for equipment lighting and marking. Keep lighting and marking visible and in good working order. Replace or repair lighting and marking that has been damaged or lost. An implement safety lighting kit is available from your John Deere dealer.

7. Be sure tractor SMV emblem, warning lights, reflectors and mower reflector are clean and visible.

AG,OUMX005,292 -19-09OCT98-3/3