Preparing Mower for Field Operation

causym CAUTION: To help prevent severe injury or death to you or someone else:

  • Do not engage tractor PTO when mower is in transport position

  • Keep all persons away from machine when raising and lowering cutterbar

1. Pull on pull-rope ( in tractor operator station ) to disengage transport lock latch (A). If latch is binding, retract lift cylinder slightly using tractor hydraulics.

2. Lower cutterbar to the ground (extend lift cylinder rod) using tractor hydraulics. Release pull-rope as cutterbar lowers to operating (horizontal) position.

3. Put tractor SCV lever in "float" position.

4. Lower pivoting cover support and lock in operating (field) position. (See Raising and Lowering Pivoting Cover Support in this section.)

5. Adjust main frame height. (See procedure in this section.)

A-Transport Lock Latch


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