Follow Safe Operating Procedures


causym CAUTION: To help prevent severe injury or death to you or someone else:

  • Never operate mower when other people are in the area. Stones and other objects can be thrown great distances by the rotating cutting blades.

  • Keep cover in place to reduce potential for thrown objects. Do not lean against, sit or stand on cover or framework.

  • Operate mower only with a tractor equipped with a complete operator enclosure.

  • Before starting machine, lower cutterbar to the ground. Engage tractor PTO and gradually increase speed.

  • Operate machine from tractor seat only.

  • Never adjust machine while in motion. Do not attempt to remove material from mower while it is in operation. Allow rotating disks to stop before leaving tractor.

  • Slow down when turning or traveling over rough ground.

  • Shut off tractor engine and engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park" when leaving tractor. Remove key when leaving tractor unattended.

IMPORTANT: Operate tractor at rated PTO speed. If engine speed is too slow or too

fast, machine may not perform properly.

Where conditions make it necessary to slow ground speed, shift to a lower gear rather than reducing engine speed. The engine will maintain rated speed and keep cutterbar running at optimum mowing speed.

Never operate mower without caps on top of end cones.

If cutterbar is to be operated at angles in excess of + 20° or -10° from the horizontal for long periods of time, reduce oil quantity in cutterbar by 25%.

Do not operate cutterbar more than 40° above or 35° below horizontal.

Place cutterbar in horizontal position for a few minutes every 1/2 hour for proper lubrication.

1. Allow a few minutes for oil to spread in cutterbar before engaging PTO when moving cutterbar from transport to operating position.

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2. Always operate tractor at rated (540 rpm) PTO speed.

3. Regulate ground speed according to crop conditions. A slower ground speed may have to be used in heavy down crop.

4. Open fields by cutting back swath first.

5. Continue to mow around the field in a clockwise direction. It may be necessary to slow down ground speed to turn corners.

6. Turn or replace knives before they become excessively worn. (See REPLACING KNIVES in the Service section.)

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