Adjusting Cut Height

IMPORTANT: Never tilt the cutterbar BACK past the horizontal position, as this will lead to premature blade wear. Maximum cut height with cutterbar in horizontal position is 50 mm (1-31/32 in.).

Cut height (A) of 30 to 50 mm (1-3/16 to 1-31/32 in.) can be achieved by changing the angle of the cutterbar. With cutterbar at horizontal position (maximum cut height), tilt cutterbar FORWARD.

Tilt the angle of the cutterbar by adjusting tractor hitch center link until desired cut height is obtained.

IMPORTANT: Cutting too close to the ground will cause excessive wear on the disks and knives.

For most conditions, skid shoes should be parallel to the ground.

NOTE: A High Skid Shoe kit is available from your John Deere dealer that provides a cut height of 35 to 90 mm (1-1/2 to 3-1/2 in.). (See Attachments section.)


A-Cut Height

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