Adjusting Mower for Adverse Field Conditions

causym CAUTION: To help prevent severe injury or death to you or someone else:

  • Operate mower only with a tractor equipped with a complete operator enclosure.

  • Keep cover in place to reduce the potential for thrown objects.

  • Never operate mower when other people are in the vicinity. Stones and other objects can be thrown great distances by the rotating cutting blades.

  • Tilt cutterbar back to raise cutting knives and minimize deflection from knives.

IMPORTANT: Never tilt the cutterbar back past the horizontal position as this will lead to premature blade wear.

Make the following adjustments when operating in rough or debris ridden fields:

1. Tilt the angle of the cutterbar back toward the horizontal by adjusting tractor hitch center link to raise the cutting height of the knives (A).

2. Use a slower ground speed.

3. Make sure the cutting knives are free to pivot if an obstruction is hit.


A-Cutting Height

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