Resetting/Adjusting Break-Away Latch

Break-away latch permits the cutterbar to swing back if an obstruction is hit.

IMPORTANT: Keep the sliding surfaces well greased.

Before using the mower, check the break-away linkage to make sure the components are not rusted together. Apply John Deere EP Moly Grease, or equivalent SAE multipurpose grease to sliding components, if necessary. (See Lubrication and Maintenance section.)

IMPORTANT: If the latch releases, stop the tractor immediately and disengage PTO. Check cutterbar for damage.

To reset cutterbar, back the mower until the cutterbar is in its normal position. Do not raise the cutterbar to reset the latch.

The latch is set at the factory according to specifications and will be satisfactory in most conditions. Overall length (A) should never be less than specifications.


Break-Away Latch -Factory Set Length (A) 95 mm (3-3/4 in.)
Minimum Length (A) 91 mm (3-19/32 in.)

IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten spring washers.

Tightening lock nut (B) compresses spring washers, increasing break-away pressure.


B-Lock Nut

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