Adjusting Compensating Spring Tension

Compensating spring tension regulates cutterbar ground pressure. The cutterbar should follow uneven ground without gouging or scraping. Spring tension is preset at the dealership for normal/standard conditions. Dimension (A) is set as follows:

  • 265 Mower-120 mm (4-1/4 in.)
  • 275 Mower-90 mm (3-1/2 in.)
  • 285 Mower-90 mm (3-1/2 in.)

When working conditions are difficult (long, dense, bent over crop) spring tension can be changed to decrease cutterbar ground pressure.

1. Pull on pull-rope ( in tractor operator station ) to disengage stop-bar. If stop-bar is binding, lower cutterbar slightly using tractor hydraulics.

2. Slowly raise cutterbar, using tractor hydraulics, until compensating spring tension is loose.

3. Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park".

4. Shut off tractor engine and remove key.

NOTE: Apply lubricant on end of compensating spring at frame tube end, to ease rotation of spring during tightening procedure.

5. Apply John Deere Multi-Purpose Lubricant (Spray), or equivalent, on end of compensating spring at frame tube end.

6. Loosen jam nut (C).

7. Remove special wrench (B) from storage location (D), and insert through top of spring, as shown.

8. Viewing from jam nut end of spring, adjust compensating spring as necessary:

  • Counterclockwise to decrease ground pressure
  • Clockwise to increase ground pressure

9. Tighten jam nut (C).


Special Wrench Storage Location

B-Special Wrench
C-Jam Nut
D-Storage Location

AG,OUMX005,304 -19-12JUL04-1/2

10. Store special wrench at location (D).

11. Lower cutterbar to operating position.

12. Adjust cut height. (See procedure in this section.)

AG,OUMX005,304 -19-12JUL04-2/2