Adjusting Swath Wheel

NOTE: Swath wheel is installed at the dealership for normal/standard working conditions.

Cover is removed for illustration purpose.

Swath wheel position can be adjusted to match working conditions. When working conditions are difficult (long, dense, bent over crop), swath wheel angle can be changed to enable a smooth flow of cut crop toward the rear of the machine.

1. Raise mower, using tractor rockshaft/hitch control lever, until cutterbar is approximately 152 mm (6 in.) above the ground.

2. Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park".

3. Shut off tractor engine and remove key.

4. Raise pivoting cover support. (See RAISING/LOWERING PIVOTING COVER SUPPORT in this section.)

5. Loosen swath wheel mounting lock nuts at cutterbar (C).

6. Position swath wheel (A) to desired setting:

  • Normal/standard working conditions; Slide toward hitch end (D), then toward disk/cone (E), to ends of slotted mounting holes (F).
  • Difficult working conditions; Slide away from hitch end (G), then away from disk/cone (H), to ends of slotted mounting holes (F).

A-Swath Wheel
B-Clearance (2 locations)
F-Slotted Mounting Holes


Swath Wheel Clearance


Normal/Standard Working Conditions


Difficult Working Conditions

AG,OUMX005,305 -19-12JUL04-1/2

7. Position swath wheel to obtain a clearance (B) between cap and knife edges on disk/cone, then tighten lock nuts according to specifications.


Swath Wheel -Clearance (B) 15-25 mm (3/8-1 in.)
Torque  88 N·m (65 lb-ft)

NOTE: A non-adjustable inside swath wheel is available for the 265 and 275 from your John Deere dealer that reduces swath width to approximately 1.50 m (5 ft). (See Attachments section.)

AG,OUMX005,305 -19-12JUL04-2/2