Replacing Drive Belts

1. Remove cap screw (A), three cap nuts and washers and outer belt shield (B).

A-Cap Screw
B-Outer Belt Shield


AG,OUMX005,326 -19-12OCT98-1/4

2. Remove PTO driveline and shield (A).

3. Remove tensioner assembly (B) using special wrench provided. ( Special wrench is stored at hitch center link location. )

A-PTO Shield
B-Tensioner Assembly


AG,OUMX005,326 -19-12OCT98-2/4

NOTE: Replace belts as a set. If one belt is damaged, replace all four.

4. Push drive sheave (A) toward cutterbar and remove four V-belts (B).

5. Install new drive belts.

A-Drive Sheave
B-V-Belts (4 used)


AG,OUMX005,326 -19-12OCT98-3/4

6. Place drive belt tensioner assembly (D) over belt guide at end of main frame (B).

7. Increase tension on V-belts by tightening bolt on end of tensioner assembly using special wrench. Tighten bolt until spacer tube (C) contacts main frame. Tighten bolt two full additional turns.

8. Reinstall PTO shield and driveline.

9. Return special wrench to storage location.

10. Install outer belt shield and hardware.

A-PTO Shield
B-Main Frame
C-Spacer Tube
D-Tensioner Assembly


AG,OUMX005,326 -19-12OCT98-4/4