Removing Mower from Storage (Beginning of Season)

1. Review Operator's manual and check adjustments.

2. Lubricate complete machine. (See Lubrication and Maintenance section.)

3. Check gear case and cutterbar oil levels. Fill as necessary. (See Lubrication and Maintenance section.)

4. Adjust drive belt tension. (See procedure in Service section.)

5. Check all hardware for tightness.

6. Check break-away latch for rust or binding. Apply multipurpose grease to sliding components as necessary. (See AS REQUIRED in Lubrication and Maintenance section.)

7. Attach hydraulic lift hose to tractor hydraulics and extend cylinder rod fully. Fasten hydraulic lift cylinder rod end with two cap screws and lock nuts.

8. If any major parts have been replaced, make sure they run properly.

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