John Deere Is At Your Service

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is important to John Deere.

Our dealers strive to provide you with prompt, efficient parts and service:

›Maintenance and service parts to support your equipment.

›Trained service technicians and the necessary diagnostic and repair tools to service your equipment.


Your John Deere dealer is dedicated to supporting your equipment and resolving any problem you may experience.

1. When contacting your dealer, be prepared with the following information:

›Machine model and product identification number

›Date of purchase

›Nature of problem

2. Discuss problem with dealer service manager.

3. If unable to resolve, explain problem to dealership manager and request assistance.

4. If you have a persistent problem your dealership is unable to resolve, ask your dealer to contact John Deere for assistance.

5. If a problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Ag Customer Assistance Center at 1-866-99DEERE (866-993-3373) or e-mail us at


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