Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating

Avoid potentially toxic fumes and dust.

Hazardous fumes can be generated when paint is heated by welding, soldering, or using a torch.

Remove paint before heating:

  • Remove paint a minimum of 100 mm (4 in.) from area to be affected by heating. If paint cannot be removed, wear an approved respirator before heating or welding.
  • If you sand or grind paint, avoid breathing the dust. Wear an approved respirator.
  • If you use solvent or paint stripper, remove stripper with soap and water before welding. Remove solvent or paint stripper containers and other flammable material from area. Allow fumes to disperse at least 15 minutes before welding or heating.

Do not use a chlorinated solvent in areas where welding will take place.

Do all work in an area that is well ventilated to carry toxic fumes and dust away.

Dispose of paint and solvent properly.


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