Raising/Lowering Pivoting Cover Support

causym CAUTION: To help prevent severe injury or death to you or someone else;

  • Never operate mower with cover in service/transport position.

  • Do not lean against or sit or stand on the cover or framework.

  • Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in "Park", disengage PTO and shut off tractor engine and remove key

Service/Transport Position

1. Remove special wrench (B) from storage location (D), and insert through hole in end guard, as shown.

2. Push special wrench toward machine, to unlock end guard, and raise pivoting cover support (A).

3. Fold cover support onto top of rigid cover support until end guard locks pivoting cover support into service/transport position.

4. Return special wrench to storage location (D).

Field/Operating Position

1. Push end guard lock plate (C) toward machine to unlock end guard, and raise pivoting cover support (A).

2. Fold pivoting cover support to field/operating position until end guard locks cover support into position.

A-Pivoting Cover Support
B-Special Wrench
C-End Guard Lock Plate
D-Storage Location


Field/Operating Position


Service/Transport Position


Special Wrench Storage Location

EX,265RDMJ,L -19-20AUG97-1/1