Storing Mower (End of Season)

1. Put mower in a dry place.

2. Clean mower thoroughly. Trash and dirt will draw moisture and cause rust.

3. Thoroughly lubricate mower. (See Lubrication and Maintenance section.)

4. Store mower with cutterbar in operating (horizontal) position.

5. Check condition of cutterbar knives and disks. Reverse or replace knives as necessary.

6. Release tension from drive belts.

7. Remove two cap screws and lock nuts from rod end of hydraulic lift cylinder. Attach hydraulic hose to tractor hydraulics and retract cylinder rod fully. ( Cylinder bore is filled with oil to prevent internal condensation of moisture, causing possible corrosion. )

8. Paint all parts where necessary.

9. List replacement parts needed and order them early from your John Deere dealer.

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