Testing Net Wrap Switch-Monitor-Controller Assisted Test (Channel 10)

NOTE: Microswitch position and operation can be checked by using the monitor diagnostic channels.

1. Turn tractor key to ON position. Do not start engine.

AG,OUO6017,1075 -19-13AUG99-1/2

2. Press and hold DEERE key (A) while turning ON monitor. Continue to hold DEERE key and press PLUS key until "CH 10" appears in digital display.

Diagnostic Channel Function Switch Closed Reading Switch Open Reading
10 Net Cut Switch 00 (Zero)-Normal 12-Net Cutting (Tone)


3. Release key and view reading (Switch Closed).

4. Move lever (B), located behind net actuator, to open switch. View second reading or listen for tone (Switch Open).

5. If readings are not as shown, adjust switch position and test again. (See ADJUSTING NET WRAP SWITCH in Service-Net Wrap section.)

6. If switch adjustment does not produce normal readings:

a. Turn tractor key to OFF position and remove key.

b. Check for correct wiring connections. (See WIRING HARNESS DIAGRAM-BALER in Service-Baler section.)

c. Check wiring harness for cuts and breaks.

d. Check harness connectors for damaged (pushed back) terminals.

e. Replace switch if necessary. (See your John Deere dealer.)



AG,OUO6017,1075 -19-13AUG99-2/2