1600A Mower-Conditioner(989631-      )

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Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Operate Mower-Conditioner Safely
Keep Riders Off Machine
Prepare for Emergencies
Wear Protective Clothing
Handle Chemical Products Safely
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Use a Safety Chain
Tow Loads Safely
Practice Safe Maintenance
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Dispose of Waste Properly

Section : 10 - Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Section : 15 - Preparing the Tractor

Adjusting the Drawbar
Attaching Hitch to Drawbar
Checking Ballast
Selecting Tractor PTO Speed
Setting Hydraulic Outlets
Tractor Electrical Hookup
Using Drawbar Shield

Section : 20 - Preparing the Mower-Conditioner

Checking Tire Inflation
Checking Wheel Bolt Torque

Section : 25 - Attaching and Detaching

Attaching Mower-Conditioner to Tractor Hitch
Detaching Mower-Conditioner from Tractor Hitch
Attaching Mower-Conditioner with Three-Point Hitch
Detaching Mower-Conditioner with Three-Point Hitch

Section : 30 - Transporting

Preparing for Transport
Returning to Operation

Section : 35 - Operating the Mower-Conditioner

Prestarting Checks
Breaking In the Mower-Conditioner
Engine rpm and Ground Speed
Opening a New Field
Turning in Field
Dirt or Mud Buildup
Producing Uniform Windrows
Gauge Shoes and Carrier Frame Height
Ground Speed
Knife Hold-Downs
Knife Overlap
Platform Float
Platform Guard Angle
Cutting Alfalfa
Cutting Grass
Cutting Tall Crop

Section : 40 - Attachments

Electric Guard Angle Controller
Three-Point Hitch
Tall Crop Dividers
Cutterbar Knife Sections
Non-Clog Cutting Parts
Narrow Windrow Kit for Light Crop
Hillside Hydraulic Performance Kit

Section : 45 - Lubrication and Maintenance

Perform Lubrication and Maintenance
Hydrostatic Drive Oil
Knife Drive Case Oil
As Required:
Every 5 Hours
Every 10 Hours:
Every 50 Hours:
Check Bolt Tightness on Front Strap
Checking Tire Inflation
Checking Wheel Bolt Torque

Section : 50 - Troubleshooting

Windrow Forming

Section : 55 - Service

Practice Safe Service Procedures
Unplugging Machine
Servicing the Hydrostatic System
Tightening Bearing Locking Collars
Adjusting Auger to Upper and Lower Stripper Clearance
Adjusting Center Strippers to Lower Auger
Adjusting Carrier Frame Height
Aligning Conditioner Roll Sprockets
Assembling Conditioner Roll Spacing Bolt
Adjusting Conditioner Roll Pressure
Adjusting Roll Spacing
Adjusting Roll Timing
Adjusting Guard Angles
Adjusting Platform Guard Angle with Electric Guard Angle Controller (Optional)
Adjusting Gauge Shoes
Adjusting Platform Float
Adjusting Reel
Adjusting Reel Cam
Adjusting Reel Speed
Adjusting Cam Followers
Adjusting Wheel Bearing
Adjusting Windrow Width
Timing Knives
Removing Knives
Installing Knives
Installing Regular Guards On Cutterbar
Installing Non-Clog Guards on Cutterbar
Adjusting Regular Knife Hold-Downs
Adjusting Non-Clog Knife Hold-Downs
Cutterbar Knife Sections
Replacing Bolt-On Knife Sections
Replacing Center Knife Sections
Sharpening Knife Sections on Both Non-Clog and Regular Cutterbars
Adjusting Knife Drive Belt (Both Sides)
Adjusting Reel Drive Belt
Adjusting Auger Drive Belt
Adjusting Platform Drive Belt
Aligning Knife Drive Belt (Both Sides)
Care of V-Belts
Replacing Knife Drive Belt (Both Sides)
Replacing Reel Drive Belt
Replacing Platform Drive Belt
Replacing Auger Drive Belt
Installing O-Ring Connector Link
Care of Chains
Adjusting Auger Drive Chain Tension
Replacing Auger Drive Chain
Replacing Conditioning Roll Drive Chain
Warning Lights
Platform Drive
Platform Steering and Lift
Phasing Cylinders
Replacing Reel Teeth in Right-Hand and Center Section
Replacing Reel Teeth in Left-Hand Section

Section : 60 - Storage

Storing Mower-Conditioner
Storing Hydraulic Pump
Removing Mower-Conditioner from Storage

Section : 65 - Specifications

Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Tightening O-Ring Fittings
Tightening Flare Type Tube Fittings
Record Serial Numbers

Section : 70 - Crime Prevention Tips

Help Prevent Crime
Record Ag Identification Numbers
Keep Proof of Ownership
Park Indoors Out of Sight
When Parking Outdoors
Reduce Vandalism
Report Thefts Immediately

Section : SLIT - John Deere Service Literature Available

Technical Information

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job

John Deere Is At Your Service When You Need It