Replacing Mower Drive Belt (Z355E 48 inch Mower)

  1. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in SAFETY section.)

  2. Allow engine and muffler to cool completely.

  3. Remove mower deck.

  4. Remove drive belt:

    • CAUTION: Avoid injury! Components are installed under spring tension. Wear eye protection and use proper tools when installing and removing components with spring tension.


      Remove seven bolts (A) and left and right belt shields (B).

    • MXT010733

      Loosen nut (C) and bolt (D) on sheaves, and remove belt from all sheaves.

  5. Inspect belt for wear or damage; replace as necessary.

  6. Clean top surface of mower deck and sheaves.

  7. Install belt on mower deck as shown.

  8. MXT010734

    Shown without sheave for clarity only.

    Make sure belt guide (E) is indexed properly into hole (F) on tension arm (G).

  9. Tighten sheave nut (C) and bolt (D) to specification.

    Sheave Nut and BoltTorque47 N·m (35 lb-ft)

  10. NOTE: Failure to seat belt properly on sheaves may result in belt damage.

    Make sure belt is properly seated on all sheaves, and install belt shields.

  11. Install mower deck.