Detaching the 630B Pickup

1. Disconnect Hydraulic Hose

Prior to detaching the pickup from the cutterhead housing, fully lower the crop deflector to relieve pressure in hydraulic hose (A).

Disconnect hose (A) from relevant hydraulic outlet (B).

A-Hydraulic hose
B-Hydraulic outlet


6000 Harvester Shown

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2. As the pickup is not in contact with the ground, press pin (B) and simultaneously pull cam clutch yoke (D) from forage harvester header drive shaft (C).

If the cam clutch (A) is used to drive other headers, remove cam clutch (A) from pickup drive shaft (E).

A-Cam clutch
C-Header drive shaft
D-Cam clutch yoke
E-Pickup drive shaft


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3. Remove quick-lock pin (B) (if equipped). Move bolts (A) in the pickup's attaching holes and put them securely in the detent position as illustrated. Reinstall quick-lock pin (B) (if equipped).

4. Lower the pickup until the gauge wheels rest on the ground.

B-Quick-lock pin


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5. Lower the pickup jackstand (A) at either side, and lock it with drilled pins (B) and safety pins (C).

6. Lower the cutterhead assembly further until it is clear of the pickup frame and it is possible to reverse the harvester.

7. Carefully reverse the harvester.

B-Drilled pin
C-Safety pin


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