Attaching Backhoe to Tractor (4300-4700 Tractors)

1. Back tractor up to backhoe mounted on pallet with rockshaft arms (A) fully lowered. Align tractor so that rockshaft pins (B) are under backhoe hooks (C), and that rockshaft arms are centered between backhoe hook weldments.

IMPORTANT: During this setup procedure the operator may note the hydraulic system is going over relief when the backhoe is lifted all the way up. To prevent excessive hear buildup in the hydraulic system and/or hydraulic pump damage, the operator should not allow the hydraulic system to go over relief for more than 10 seconds at a time. When checking the proper L-pin clearance, the operator can lift the backhoe until the hydraulics hit relief pressure, then stop the tractor engine. This will prevent damage to the tractor hydraulics and allow more time for checking for proper backhoe mounting.


A-Rockshaft Arm (2 used)
B-Rockshaft Pin (2 used)
C-Backhoe Hook (2 used)
D-Lower Pin (2 used)
E-Tractor Mounting Plate (2 used)

OUO1085,00002D4 -19-22NOV00-1/2

2. Lift rockshaft arms, making sure rockshaft pins are engaged into backhoe hooks. Continue to lift rockshaft while watching that lower pin (D) on backhoe weldment is drawn into lower hook in tractor mounting plate (E).

3. Lift rockshaft arm all the way up so that bottom pin (D) is fully drawn up into lower hook (E), and stop (F) is against edge (G).

4. Install L-pins (C) through RSA plates and backhoe weldment. If backhoe and RSA plates do not line up correctly, and L-pins do not slide in and out easily, lower backhoe to ground and adjust movable latch plates (H) to obtain good alignment.

IMPORTANT: In some cases the rockshaft may not lift the backhoe high enough to install the L-pins. If this occurs, the linkage which connects the rockshaft to the rockshaft control valve needs to be adjusted. See your John Deere dealer for rockshaft position adjustment.

5. Secure L-pins with hitch pins.

6. STOP engine. Pull rockshaft position control lever forward to lower rockshaft and transfer weight of backhoe from rockshaft arms to L-pins.

7. Engage park brake.

8. Remove nut and washer (I) from tie down plate (J) from both sides of backhoe.

9. Cut strapping and drop pallet off of backhoe.

C-Backhoe Weldment (2 used)
D-Bottom Pin (2 used)
E-Lower Hook (2 used)
F-Stop (2 used)
G-Edge (2 used)
H-Movable Latch Plate (2 used)
I-Nut and Washer (2 used)
J-Shipping Plate (2 used)


OUO1085,00002D4 -19-22NOV00-2/2