Brush Contact Area

Check Brush Contact Area

  1. Avoid damage! Check and adjust brush contact area on a regular basis to prevent excessive brush wear. Keep vehicle tires at correct pressure.

    Park machine safely (See Parking Safely in the SAFETY section).

  2. Check tire air pressures.

  3. Install parking stands in raised position.

  4. Drive machine to an unswept hard surface.

  5. Engage PTO.

  6. Lower broom to surface and lock in float position.

  7. Run broom for several seconds without moving machine.

  8. Raise broom and disengage PTO. Watch behind machine and back away.

  9. Park machine safely.

  10. Brush contact areas should be reduced to 2.5 cm (1 in.) or less when using optional thatching kit.


    Check area of brush-to-surface contact (A). Cleared area should be 51—102 mm (2—4 in.) wide along entire width of broom. Adjust broom as needed.

Adjust Brush Contact Area

  1. MXT013714

    52 Broom


    60 Broom

    Adjust brush contact area with brush adjustment knob (A).

  2. Turn adjustment knob counterclockwise to widen brush contact area.

  3. Turn adjustment knob clockwise to narrow brush contact area.