Install DEUTSCH Connector Bracket

NOTE: John Deere 8000 Series Tractor shown. Location may be different in other tractors.

1. Remove 7-pin plug (A) and discard bolts and nuts.

2. Install spacer (B) between 7-pin plug and mounting pad using M8 x 65 carriage bolt (C).

3. Install bracket (D) behind mounting plate using M8 x 65 carriage bolt (E) and M8 x 35 carriage bolt (F).

A-7-pin Plug
C-Carriage Bolt, M8 x 65
E-Carriage Bolt, M8 x 65
F-Carriage Bolt M8 x 35


OUO6050,0000A00 -19-07MAY07-1/2

4. Install 9-pin non-terminating connector (A) using existing nut to bulkhead bracket (B).

5. Insert bulkhead bracket in receiver bracket (C) and reinstall connector cap (D).

A-9-pin Non-terminating Connector
B-Bulkhead Bracket
C-Receiver Bracket
D-Connector Cap


OUO6050,0000A00 -19-07MAY07-2/2