Troubleshooting 5-Section Machine Wing Folding Operation

IMPORTANT: 5-SECTION MACHINES ONLY- In order for wings to be folded and unfolded, a 7-pin connector (A) including a safety valve circuit MUST BE CONNECTED TO TRACTOR. If 7-pin safety valve connector is not connected, wings will not fold or unfold.

5-SECTION MACHINES ONLY- In order for wings to be folded and unfolded, set SCV II selector button flow control knob to fast (rabbit) position and verify tractor is running at 1800 rpm.

5-SECTION MACHINES WITH ROLLING BASKETS- If wings fold or unfold with rolling baskets raised, verify operation of wing-fold deactivation switch. (Refer to TROUBLESHOOTING section.) Folding wings with rolling baskets raised will cause machine damage.

NOTE: A new safety valve has been added that will not allow the operator to fold or unfold machine until the 7-pin connector is plugged into tractor. If there is no connection hydraulic fluid has no path and wings will not fold or unfold properly. When 7-pin connector is attached, it energizes the safety valve on the wing-fold valve. Then the circuit is in normal operating mode and the wings can be folded and unfolded.

To obtain narrow transport the switch is triggered to energize the wing-fold valve. Hydraulic oil is then diverted from the wing circuit to the wing depth control cylinders which retracts wheels for narrow transport.


1. Turn tractor key ON, DO NOT start engine.


A-7-Pin Plug
B-Ground Pin

OUO6061,000256D -19-08SEP08-1/3

NOTE: Wing-fold circuit will not operate without 12 volts from 7-plug.

If rolling baskets are raised, 12 volts will not be present.

2. At tractor go to 7-pin plug (A) and hook to ground pin (B), then test 7-pin (C) and verify 12-volts is at plug.

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3. MACHINES WITH ROLLING BASKETS- Adjust wing-fold deactivation switch:

IMPORTANT: Improperly adjusted switch (A) will allow wings to fold with rolling baskets raised causing machine damage.

a. Lower rolling baskets using SCV IV.

b. Loosen screws (B) and move switch until roller contacts paddle.

NOTE: Wings will not fold or unfold with rolling baskets raised when switch is properly adjusted.

c. Tighten nuts (C) and verify proper wing-fold operation.


A-Wing-Fold Deactivation Switch

OUO6061,000256D -19-08SEP08-3/3