Installing Category 2 Hitch Pin Conversion Kit (MX5 and MX6)

1. Remove existing lock nut and hitch pin from masts.

IMPORTANT: During assembly, make sure bracket (B) is positioned correctly so it sits flatly at lower attaching point.

2. Assemble category 2 hitch pin (A) through hole in top of bracket (B). Fasten to mast using hardware (C-E). Leave loose.

3. Attach bottom of bracket to mast support using M16 x 45 flange-head cap screw (F) and lock nut (G).

4. Tighten all hardware to specifications.


Hitch Pin Nut (D) -Torque 350 N·m (258 lb-ft)


A-Hitch Pin
D-Flange Nut
F-Flange-Head Cap Screw, M16 x 45
G-Lock Nut, M16

OUO6077,000160D -19-20APR07-1/1