5225, 5325, 5425, 5525 and 5625 Tractors

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

Service Information

Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Practice Safe Maintenance
Keep ROPS Installed Properly
Service Tires Safely
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Support Machine Properly
Service Tractor Safely
Work In Ventilated Area
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Service Cooling System Safely
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Dispose of Waste Properly

Section : 10 - Maintenance and Service Intervals

Maintenance and Service Intervals
Break-In Service
Service Interval Chart
Service Interval Chart
Service-As Required

Section : 15 - Maintenance-As Required

Adjusting Hand Throttle Friction-Straddle Mount and Hi-Crop
Adjusting Hand Throttle Friction-Cab and IOOS
Adjusting 540/540E PTO Lever and Linkage-If Equipped
Servicing Air Conditioner-If Equipped
Inspecting Fuel Injectors (5425, 5525 and 5625)
Replacing In-Line Fuel Filter
Cleaning and Checking Battery
Lubricating Front Axle Pivot Pin
Checking Brakes
Lubricating Operator's Seat Slide Rails (Straddle Mount, Hi-Crop and IOOS)
Lubricating Hood Latch

Section : 20 - Maintenance-Every 10 Hours or Daily

Checking Engine Oil Level
Drain Water and Sediment from Fuel Tank and Fuel Filter

Section : 25 - Maintenance-Every Week or 50 Hours

Checking Coolant Level
Checking Transmission-Hydraulic System Oil Level
Checking MFWD Axle Housing Oil Level-If Equipped
Checking MFWD Axle Wheel Hub Oil Level-If Equipped
Inspecting Tires
Lubricating Steering Spindles and Steering Cylinder Ends-Adjustable Front Axle
Lubricating Steering King Pins-MFWD
Inspecting Tractor for Loose Hardware

Section : 30 - Maintenance-First 100 Hours

Changing Engine Oil and Filter-5425, 5525 and 5625
Replacing Transmission-Hydraulic Filter
Checking and Adjusting Clutch Pedal Free Play (SyncShuttle™ Transmission)

Section : 40 - Maintenance-Every 300 Hours

Changing Engine Oil and Filter-5225 and 5325
Inspecting Air Cleaner Elements
Lubricating 3-Point Hitch
Checking Neutral Start System
Checking and Adjusting Clutch Pedal Free Play (SyncShuttle™ Transmission)
Cleaning Cab Air Filters-If Equipped
Adjusting PTO Clutch Lever Linkage (Mechanical PTO Lever)
Replacing Fuel Filter-5225 and 5325
Replacing Fuel Filter-5425, 5525 and 5625

Section : 45 - Maintenance-Every 600 Hours

Replacing Transmission-Hydraulic Filter
Changing MFWD Axle Wheel Hub Oil-If Equipped
Changing MFWD Axle Housing Oil-If Equipped
Cleaning Engine Crankcase Vent Tube
Packing Front Wheel Bearings (Adjustable Front Axle)
Check Engine Cooling System
Lubricating Rear Axle Bearings
Checking Engine Idle Speeds
Checking Front Axle Pivot Pin End Play
Changing Engine Oil and Filter

Section : 50 - Maintenance-Every 1200 Hours

Changing Transmission-Hydraulic Oil and Filter
Cleaning Transmission-Hydraulic Oil Pickup Screen

Section : 55 - Maintenance-Annually or 1800 Hours

Replacing Air Cleaner Elements
Inspecting Seat Belt(s)

Section : 60 - Maintenance-Every 2100 Hours or Two Years

Flushing Cooling System and Replacing Thermostat
Adjusting Engine Valve Clearance (5425, 5525 and 5625)

Section : 65 - Maintenance-Miscellaneous

Cleaning Grille Screens, Radiator, Oil Cooler-If Equipped or A/C Condenser (Cab)
Inspecting Fan Belt Tensioner
Replacing Fan Belt
Keeping ROPS Installed Properly (Straddle Mount, Hi-Crop and IOOS)
Keeping Cab Protection System Installed Properly
Bleeding Fuel System-5225 and 5325
Bleeding Fuel System-5425, 5525 and 5625
Replacing Battery
Locating Fusible Links
Locating Fuses-Straddle Mount and Hi-Crop
Locating Fuses-IOOS
Locating Fuses-Cab
Fuse and Relay Size and Function
Handling Halogen Light Bulbs Safely
Replacing Headlight Bulb
Replacing Warning Light Bulb-IOOS
Replacing Warning Light Bulb-Cab
Replacing Taillight Bulb-Cab and IOOS
Replacing Taillight and/or Warning Light Bulb-Straddle Mount and Hi-Crop
Replacing Work Light Bulb-Straddle Mount, Hi-Crop and IOOS
Replacing Work Light Bulb-Cab
Replacing Fender Light Bulb-IOOS
Replacing Loader Light Bulb-If Equipped
Replacing Dome Light Bulb-Cab
Replacing Controls Illumination Light Bulb-Cab
Replacing Rotary Beacon Light Bulb-If Equipped

Section : 70 - Wheels, Tires and Treads

Service Tires Safely
Check Implement-to-Tire Clearance
Check Tire Inflation Pressure
Tire Inflation Pressure Charts
Selecting Front Tire Rolling Direction
Tighten Wheel/Axle Hardware Correctly
Tighten Bolts-Adjustable Front Axle
Tighten Bolts-MFWD Axle
Tighten Bolts-Rear Axle
Observe Rear Wheel Tread Width Limitations
Tread Settings-Two-Position Rear Wheels
Tread Settings-Multi-Position Rear Wheels
Tread Settings-Multi-Position MFWD Wheels
Tread Settings-Adjustable Front Axle
Adjusting Front Axle Tread Width
Checking Toe-In-Adjustable Front Axle
Adjusting Toe-In-Adjustable Front Axle
Checking Toe-In-MFWD Axle
Adjusting Toe-In-MFWD Axle
Set MFWD Steering Stops Turning Radius
Use Correct Tire Combinations

Section : 75 - Fuel, Lubricants, and Coolant

Diesel Fuel
Handling and Storing Diesel Fuel
Lubricity of Diesel Fuel
Testing Diesel Fuel
Biodiesel Fuel
Filling Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Break-In Oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Oil Filters
Diesel Engine Coolant
Operating in Warm Temperature Climates
Testing Diesel Engine Coolant
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Use Correct Transmission-Hydraulic Filter Element
MFWD Axle Housing and Wheel Hub Oil
Mixing of Lubricants
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricant Storage

Section : 80 - Service and Maintenance Record

First 100 Hour Service
300 Hour Service
600 Hour Service
900 Hour Service
1200 Hour Service
1500 Hour Service
1800 Hour or Annual Service
2100 Hour/Two Years Service
Change of Ownership
Change of Ownership
Change of Ownership