Changing Transmission-Hydraulic Oil and Filter

1. Lower rockshaft to remove trapped oil.

2. Remove drain plug(s).

  • Adjustable Front Axle-Remove drain plug (C)
  • MFWD Axle-Remove drain plugs (B and C)
  • Hi-Crop (5525)-Remove drain plugs (B, C and D)

Drain oil into pan and dispose of waste oil properly.

3. Replace filter (A) while changing oil. (See Replacing Transmission-Hydraulic Filter in Section 30.)

4. Fill system with transmission-hydraulic oil. (See Checking Transmission-Hydraulic System Oil Level Section 25.)


SyncShuttle™ Transmission -Capacity 38 L (10 gal) 68 L (18 gal) Hi-Crop
12/12 PowrReverser™ Transmission -Capacity 42.5 L (11.5 gal) 76 L (20 gal) Hi-Crop
24/24 PowrReverser™ Transmission -Capacity 45.4 L (12.0 gal)

5. Check oil level at sight glass (A) after filling, and again after operating for five minutes.

B-MFWD Drain Plug
C-Transmission Case Drain Plug
D-Drop Axle Drain Plug (1 each side)
E-Sight Glass


Hi-Crop Only


OUO1023,00029E3 -19-18OCT06-1/1