Using Auxiliary Power Strip And Electrical Outlets (If Equipped)


Auxiliary Power Strip


Auxiliary Power Strip Convenience Outlet


Accessory Electrical Outlet On Right-Hand Console


Accessory Electrical Outlet In Storage Box


Accessory Electrical Outlet Pins

A - Auxiliary Power Strip

B - Battery (Unswitched)

C - Ground

D - Switched

E - Diagnostic Connector (DEALER USE ONLY)

F - Accessory Outlet (Right-Hand Console)

G - Accessory Outlet (In Storage Box)

H - Battery (Unswitched)

I - Ground

J - Switched Circuit

IMPORTANT: Power strip is not a surge suppressor. Electrical equipment with program memory requires protection from damage of electrical surges and spikes.

The power strip (A) provides six outlets of 12-volt power with grounds for use when connecting auxiliary equipment. This power is 30 amp switched and 30 amp unswitched.

Adapters plug directly into power strip. To change to switched power on adapter remove small tab at end of slot on plug and rotate plug 180°.

Adapters are available from your John Deere™ dealer for the following: cigarette lighter adapters, three-way convenience adapters, and standard adapters.

NOTE: Outlets are protected by a 30-amp fuse.

12-volt accessory outlets (F) are located on right-hand console or outlet (G) in the storage box are used when connecting auxiliary equipment.

Pin (H) provides battery power (hot), pin (I) provides ground, and pin (J) provides (key) switched power. For additional information on connections, see appropriate auxiliary equipment installation instructions or your John Deere dealer.

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