Adjust PTO Clutch Operating Rod


Cab Shown; IOOS Similar


Cab Shown; IOOS Similar

A - PTO Clutch Lever

B - PTO Clutch Arm

C - Jam Nut

D - Yoke

E - Cap Screw and Nut

  1. Move PTO clutch lever (A) to rearward (disengaged) position.

  2. Pull metal floor mat away from left-hand side of floor.

  3. Remove access cover.

  4. Loosen jam nut (C) at rear of yoke.

  5. Remove cap screw and nut (E) disconnecting yoke (D) from PTO clutch arm (B).

  6. Move PTO clutch lever to rearward engaged position. Back off PTO clutch arm approximately 1.2 cm (0.5 in.) and hold in position.

  7. Install cap screw back into yoke and turn yoke clockwise or counterclockwise until yoke lines up with PTO clutch arm (B).

  8. Connect yoke to PTO clutch arm with cap screw and install nut.

  9. Tighten jam nut against yoke.

  10. Install access cover.

  11. Pull metal floor mat back over access cover.