Replacing Fuses


F1-7.5 Amp MFWD, Alternator, and Differential Lock Fuse
F2-15 Amp Power Port and Auxiliary Power Fuse
F5-5 Amp Unswitched Radio Fuse-If Equipped
F6-10 Amp Dome Light and Radio Fuse-If Equipped
F7-15 Amp Fuel Shutoff, Starting Aid, and Backup Alarm Fuse

F8-30 Amp Heater, Blower, and Air Conditioner Fuse-If Equipped
F9-15 Amp Wiper and Washer Fuse-If Equipped
F10-20 Amp Rear Work Lights Circuit Breaker
F11-25 Amp Drive Lights, Work Lights, and Tail Lights Circuit Breaker
F12-10 Amp FNR, Park Brake, and SG Pump Unloading Valve Fuse

F13-10 Amp Starter Motor Fuse
F14-20 Amp Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Flashers, and Horn Fuse
F15-15 Amp Side Docking Lights and Beacon Circuit Breaker-If Equipped
F16-10 Amp Monitor Panel, STOP Indicator, and Audible Alarm Fuse

F17-10 Amp Return-to-Dig Fuse
F18-20 Amp Auxiliary Power and Air Suspension Seat Fuse
K4-Backup Alarm Relay
K5-Park Brake Latching Relay
K6-Neutral Start Relay
K8-Flasher Relay

CED,OUO1079,455 -19-13JUL00-1/2

IMPORTANT: Install fuse with correct amperage rating to prevent electrical system damage from overload.

The following relay is located inside steering console, near fuse block:

  • K2-Accessory Relay

The following relays are located inside right-side console, behind display monitor:

  • K3-Selective Flow Control Relay (410G only)
  • K7-Timer Relay
  • K9-SG Unloading Valve Pump Relay (310SG and 315SG only)
  • K10-Mode Door Relay

The following relay is located inside right rear of engine compartment:

  • K1-Start Relay

Steering Console Top Cover Shown Removed

CED,OUO1079,455 -19-13JUL00-2/2