John Deere


7200A Trim and Surrounds Mower

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

Thank You for Purchasing a John Deere Product
Using Your Operator’s Manual
Special Messages
Attachments for Your Machine

Section 00 - Product Identification

Record Identification Numbers

Section 05 - Safety Label Text

Safety Label Location
Understanding The Machine Safety Labels
Roll-Over Protective Structure

Section 06 - Safety Labels No-Text

Safety Label Location
Understanding The No-Text Machine Safety Labels
Roll-Over Protective Structure
Prevent Equipment Fires
Avoid Injury From Exposure to Loud Noise
Read Operator’s Manual
Avoid Injury From Thrown Objects
Avoid Injury From Tipping
Avoid Injury From Revolving Blades
Avoid Injury From Crushing

Section 10 - Safety

Operator Training Required
Operating Safely
Using a Spark Arrestor
Checking Mowing Area
Parking Safely
Rotating Blades Are Dangerous
Protect Children
Avoid Tipping
Use Seat Belt Properly
Keep ROPS Installed Properly
Keep Riders Off
Driving Safely on Public Roads
Checking Wheel Hardware
Wear Appropriate Clothing
Maintenance and Storage
Avoid High Pressure Fluids
Prevent Fires
Tire Safety
Handling Fuel Safely
Handling Waste Product and Chemicals

Section 12 - Machine Cleanout

Cleanout Areas

Section 15 - Operating Controls

Operator Station Controls

Section 20 - Operating Machine

Daily Operating Checklist
Avoid Damage to Plastic and Painted Surfaces
Understanding the TechControl Display
Understanding the TechControl Display Main Menu
Understanding Mode Icon
Understanding DTC Diagnostic Icon
Starting Notifications
TechControl Display Setup
Understanding Machine Fault Diagnostic Icon
Using the Hour Meter
Using Key Switch
Using Seat Belt
Adjusting Seat
Adjusting Command Arm
Using Park Brake
Using Tilt Steering
Safety Interlock System
Starting The Engine
Using Pre-Heater
Warming and Idling Engine
Stopping Engine
Testing Safety Systems
Testing Safety System - Starting Engine
Testing Safety System - Engine Running
Using Throttle Lever
Using Mow-Transport Switch (PTO)
Using Width-of-Cut Switch (WOC)
Using Lift-Lower Lever
Extending Cutting Units
Emergency Stopping
Using Travel Pedals
Using Cruise Control
Using Fuel Shutoff Valve
Transporting Machine
Moving Machine Manually

Section 25 - Operating Cutting Units

Using the TechControl for Mower Setup
Engaging Cutting Units
Emergency Stopping—Cutting Units
Mowing Tips
Trimming (Using Cutting Unit Extension Feature)
Cutting Taller Grass
Cutting Shorter Grass
Removing and Emptying Grass Catchers
Adjusting Grass Deflector
Cleaning Cutting Units
Operating (Optional) FTC
Adjusting (Optional) Rear Roller Power Brush

Section 30 - Replacement Parts

Service Literature

Section 35 - Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine
Before Each Use
After Each Use
Break-In (After First 5 Hours)
Break-In (After First 50 Hours)
Every 50 Hours
Every 200 Hours
Every 500 Hours or Yearly
Every 2000 Hours or 24 Months
Service Intervals After Converting to Bio HyGard
Service Intervals After Converting to BioDiesel Fuel

Section 40 - Service Lubrication

Grease Locations—Lift System and Cutting Units
Grease Locations—Machine

Section 41 - Service Engine

Emissions Service Information
Engine Faults
Engine Oil
Avoid Fumes
Raising Hood
Raising and Lowering Seat
Checking Engine Oil Level
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Checking Air Restriction Indicator
Changing Air Cleaner Elements
Cleaning Dust Unloading Valve
Cleaning under Hood and Seat
Cleaning Radiator and Oil Cooler
Service Cooling System Safely
Diesel Engine Coolant
Service Cooling System
Checking Radiator Hoses and Clamps
Changing Fuel Filter
Priming Diesel Fuel System
Checking Water Separator Bowl
Fuel Injection Pump
Servicing Alternator-Fan Belt
Servicing Coolant Pump Belt

Section 42 - Service Transmission

Hydraulic Oil Faults
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Converting From HY-GARD to BIO HY-GARD
Biodegradable Oil
Service Safely
Checking and Adding Hydraulic Oil
Changing Hydraulic Oil and Filter
Changing Hydraulic Oil Strainer

Section 43 - Service Cutting Units

Avoid Injury from Contacting Blades
Adjusting Cutting Unit
Adjusting Cutting Unit Shield
Removing and Installing Cutting Units
Adjusting Reel-to-Bedknife
Restoring Reel Adjuster Spring Force (QA7)
Adjusting Height-of-Cut Range
Adjusting Height-of-Cut
Removing and Installing Bedknife Shoe
Replacing bedknife
Removing and Installing Front Roller
Adjusting Front Roller Parallel with Bedknife
Removing and Installing Rear Roller
Adjusting (Optional) Rear Roller Power Brush
Adjusting (Optional) FTC
Adjusting Reel Speed
backlapping Cutting Units
Grinding Reel and Bedknife

Section 44 - Service Electrical

Service the Battery Safely
Battery Voltage Faults
Cleaning Battery and Terminals
Checking Battery Electrolyte Level
Using Booster Battery
Removing and Installing Battery
Replacing Fuses

Section 45 - Service Miscellaneous

TechControl Service Menu
Diesel Fuel
Filling Fuel Tank
Checking ROPS Hardware
Checking Tire Pressure
Tightening Wheel Hardware
Cleaning Equipment Properly After Use
Cleaning Plastic Surfaces
Cleaning and Repairing Metal Surfaces
Removing and Installing Front Wheels
Removing and Installing Rear Wheel

Section 50 - Troubleshooting

Using Troubleshooting Chart
Electrical System
Hydraulic Drive System
Hydrostatic Drive
Cutting Units
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) List

Section 55 - Storage

Storing Safety
Preparing Machine for Storage
Preparing Fuel and Engine For Storage
Removing Machine From Storage
Storage for BioDiesel Fuel

Section 60 - Specifications

Drive Train and Travel Speeds
Electrical System
Fuel System
Steering and Brakes
Torque Values
Cutting Unit
Recommended Lubricants

Section 65 - Warranty

Product Warranty
John Deere, California and U.S. EPA Emission Control System Warranty (Non-Road Diesel)
Tire Warranty
Limited Battery Warranty For Factory Installed Batteries

Section JDQS - John Deere Quality Statement

John Deere Quality

Section SR - Service Records

Record Service Dates