Attach Loader (If Equipped with Optional Parking Stands)

  1. Attach ballast box to tractor. (See ATTACH BALLAST BOX TO TRACTOR HITCH in Prepare Tractor section.)

  2. Start tractor engine.

  3. W23364

    Right-Hand Side Shown

    A - Mounting Frame (1 each side)

    B - Boom (1 each side)

    C - Cylinder (1 each side)

    Drive into loader until booms (B) and cylinders (C) are positioned inside mounting frames (A).

  4. Turn tractor engine off.



    Avoid injury from escaping hydraulic oil under pressure, relieve pressure in the system.

    Move control levers back and forth and side-to-side (if applicable) several times to relieve hydraulic system pressure. (See your tractor Operator’s Manual.)



    Couplers (Mast-Mounted)


    Couplers (Mid-Mount)

    A - Coupler, Female (4 used)

    B - Coupler, Male (4 used)

    C - Plug, Color-Coded (4 used)

    D - Cap, Color-Coded (4 used)

    Avoid personal injury caused by unexpected loader movement. Hose connections must be correct for loader to respond as expected when control lever is moved.

    IMPORTANT: Before connecting hoses ensure that couplers are free of dirt and debris.

    NOTE: Identify hose connections using color-coded caps and plugs on couplers and hoses.

    Connect couplers (A and B).

  7. Connect all plugs and caps (C and D) as shown.

  8. Start tractor engine.




    Left-Hand Side Shown

    A - Support (1 each side)

    B - Pivot Pin, Long (1 each side)

    C - Bushing, Mounting Frame (1 each side)

    D - Bushing, Boom (1 each side)

    E - Pivot Pin, Short (1 each side)

    F - Bushing, Lift Cylinder (1 each side)

    G - Quick-Lock Pin (2 each side)

    Avoid personal injury. Do not insert fingers into holes while aligning components.

    Pivot bucket to align bushings (C and D).

  10. Engage tractor parking brake and place transmission in PARK.

  11. Turn tractor engine off and remove key.

  12. NOTE: Insert a tapered pin or drift through back of mounting frame to align bushings and install pivot pins.

    Install long pivot pin (B) in top hole and fasten using quick-lock pin (G).

  13. Move tractor control lever into float position.

  14. Remove support (A) and place in tractor storage compartment.

  15. Align cylinder bushing (F) with mounting frame bushing.

  16. Install short pivot pin (E) and fasten with quick-lock pin (G).

  17. Repeat Steps 12—16 on opposite side.

  18. W23366

    Bucket Position

    A - Angle, 45°

    Start tractor, raise boom slightly, and dump bucket to 45° below level.

  19. Lower bucket to ground and apply slight pressure. Do not raise front tires off ground.

  20. Shut off tractor and remove key.

  21. W23367


    Right-Hand Side Shown

    A - Quick-Lock Pin (1 each side)

    B - Parking Stand Support (1 each side)

    C - Pin (1 each side)

    D - Parking Stand (1 each side)

    E - Boom (1 each side)

    Remove quick-lock pins (A) and pins (C) from parking stands (D).

  22. Rotate supports (B) outward and raise parking stands (D) to underside of booms (E). Fasten using pins (C) and quick-lock pins (A).

  23. Check for proper loader operation in response to control lever. (See OPERATE LOADER WITH MULTI-FUNCTION LEVER in Controls section.)