Fuse Board - Fuses


A-Fuse tester
B-Spare fuses; 1x 7.5 amps, 1x 15 amps, 1x 20 amps, 1x 30 amps
F1-Fuse 15 amps., left turn signal
F2-Fuse 15 amps., right turn signal
F3-Fuse 15 amps., hazard warning lights
F4-Fuse 15 amps., engine stop

F5-Fuse 7.5 amps., left parking lights
F6-Fuse 7.5 amps., right parking lights
F7-Fuse 7.5 amps., full-beam headlight, r.h.
F8-Fuse 7.5 amps., low-beam headlight, r.h.
F9-Fuse 7.5 amps., low-beam headlight, l.h.
F10-Fuse 7.5 amps., instrument and switch lighting

F11-Fuse 7.5 amps., full-beam headlight, l.h.
F12-Fuse 15 amps., citizens' band, radio
F13-Fuse 7.5 amps., discharge control, raise harvesting unit
F14-Fuse 30 amps., spout flap motor
F15-Fuse 30 amps., hydraulic function control

F16-Fuse 30 amps., front work lights
F17-Fuse 30 amps., rear work lights, discharge spout, access ladder lighting
F18-Fuse 30 amps., metal detector
F19-Fuse 30 amps., starter switch

ZX,OMSPFH012949 -19-01MAY99-1/2


F20-Circuit breaker 20 amps., light functions
F21-Fuse 30 amps., air conditioning system, fan
F22-Fuse 15 amps., side window wiper/washer system
F23-Fuse 15 amps., windshield wiper/washer system

F24-Fuse 15 amps., beacon light
F25-Fuse 7.5 amps., four-wheel drive
F26-Fuse 15 amps., cigarette lighter, seat compressor
F27-Fuse 15 amps., stop lights
F28-Fuse 15 amps., reverser, seat switch
F29-Fuse 15 amps., turn and raise/lower discharge spout

F30-Fuse 15 amps., knife sharpening
F31-Fuse 20 amps., rotary radiator screen, reverse travel alarm
F32-Fuse 7.5 amps., INFO-TRAK™ monitor
F33-Fuse 15 amps., spout rinsing
F34-Fuse 15 amps., electronic control unit

F35-Fuse 15 amps., hydraulic function control
F36-Fuse 15 amps., electronic control unit
F37-Fuse 15 amps., electronic control unit
F38-Fuse 7.5 amps., horn
F39-Fuse 7.5 amps., indicator lights
F40-Fuse 7.5 amps., electronic control unit

IMPORTANT: Never use stronger fuses than those specified above. If fuses keep

blowing in one circuit, consult your John Deere dealer.

INFO-TRAK is a trademark of Deere & Company.

ZX,OMSPFH012949 -19-01MAY99-2/2