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Issue H8

724D and 826D Walk-Behind Snowblowers

Serial No. (180001 - )


Safety Signs



Replacement Parts

Service Machine Safely

Practice Safe Maintenance

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Avoid Injury From Moving Parts

Handling Waste Products



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Service Machine Safely

Practice Safe Maintenance


ˇ Understand service procedure before doing work. Keep area clean and dry.

ˇ Never lubricate or service snowblower while it is moving. Keep safety devices in place and in working condition. Keep hardware tight.

ˇ To prevent them from getting caught, keep hands, feet, clothing, jewelry, and long hair away from any moving parts.

ˇ Before servicing snowblower, disengage all power and stop the engine. Let engine cool.

ˇ Securely support any machine elements that must be raised for service work.

ˇ Keep all parts in good condition and properly installed. Fix damage immediately. Replace worn or broken parts. Remove any buildup of grease, oil, or debris.

ˇ Unauthorized modifications to the snowblower may impair its function and safety.

Wear Appropriate Clothing


ˇ Wear close fitting clothing and safety equipment appropriate for the job.

ˇ Wear eye protection.

ˇ Loud noise can cause impairment or loss of hearing, wear a suitable protective device such as earplugs.

ˇ Do not wear radio or music headphones while servicing the machine. Safe service requires your full attention.

Avoid Injury From Moving Parts


ˇ Keep hands, feet and clothing away from snowblower and discharge chute when auger is turning.

ˇ Stop auger when you are not blowing snow.

ˇ Stop vehicle engine before you unplug, repair, or adjust snowblower.

Handling Waste Products


ˇ Waste products, such as, used oil, fuel, and batteries, can harm the environment and people.

ˇ DO NOT use beverage containers for waste fluids - someone may drink from them.

ˇ See your local Recycling Center or John Deere dealer to learn how to recycle or get rid of waste products.

ˇ A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides specific details on chemical products: physical and health hazards, safety procedures, and emergency response techniques. See your John Deere dealer for the MSDS on chemical products used with your machine.