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Issue C9


for 4200, 4300, 4400 and 790 Compact Utility Tractors 59-Inch

Serial No. (070001 - )


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Prepare Tractor

Install Driveshaft

Install Lift Arms

Install Chute

Route Chute Cables

Install Cable Shield

Install Drift Blades


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Prepare Tractor

NOTE: Install kits needed for snowblower operation before assembling snowblower. See the Preparing the Tractor section or your John Deere dealer for the necessary kits.

1. Install front hitch kit with lift cylinder.

2. Install mid PTO gear kit.

3. Install mid driveshaft.

Install Driveshaft

NOTE: NEVER-SEEZ is a trademark of the NEVER-SEEZ Compound Corp.

1. Apply a film of NEVER-SEEZ lubricant on shaft.

2. Align holes in driveshaft coupler with holes in gearbox shaft.


3. Push coupler onto shaft.

4. Fasten driveshaft with 5/16 x 2 in. cap screw and stop nut.

5. Tighten nut.

Install Lift Arms


1. Install lower lift arms (A) in bottom hole of snowblower housing with two M12 x 50 mm. cap screws, flat washers (one under head of capscrew and one under nut), and locknuts.

2. Install upper lift arms (B) in the second hole from the top of snowblower housing with two M12 x 50 mm. cap screws, flat washers (one under head of capscrew and one under nut) and locknuts.

3. Fasten upper arm to lower lift arm with two M12 x 55 mm. capscrews (C) and washers (one under capscrews and one under nuts) and locknuts.

4. Attach hydraulic hoses to the right side of the lift arm assembly with a tie strap.

Install Chute


1. Apply John Deere Moly High Temperature EP Grease or an equivalent on the bottom and inside flange of discharge chute.

2. Put discharge chute over auger opening.


3. Install four clips with eight 5/16 x 3/4 in. cap screws, lock washers and nuts (A).

4. Tighten nuts.

5. Turn chute so spout faces left.


6. Turn two 5/16 x 3/4 in. cap screws with flat washers (B) into chute threaded holes two or three turns.

Route Chute Cables


1. Move chute so tab (A) on chute is in line with edge of cap screw (B). Chute opening will be to the left.

2. Route left (long) cable:

ˇ Around top left pulley.

ˇ Around top center pulley.


ˇ Around bottom left pulley.

ˇ Around chute.


ˇ Under tab (D).

ˇ Behind washer (clockwise).

3. Use locking pliers to pull cable tight.

4. Tighten cap screw (C).

5. Route right (short) cable:

ˇ Around top right pulley.

ˇ Around bottom center pulley.

ˇ Around bottom right pulley.

ˇ In front of chute.

ˇ Under tab (E).

ˇ Behind washer (clockwise).

6. Use locking pliers to pull cable tight.


7. Tighten cap screw (F).

Install Cable Shield


1. Install two flat washers (A) on cable shield bolts.


2. Install cable shield (B), two washers and nuts (C).

3. Tighten nuts.

Install Drift Blades


1. Fasten drift blades (A) to auger housing with four 1/4 x 1 in. bolts and four 1/4 in. locknuts.