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Identify Parts

M 92068

A - Power Unit

B - Bag of Parts

Bag of Parts List




Keys, Ignition


Battery Vent Hose (HD75)


Battery Cap (HD75)


M6 x 16 Screws (HD75)


M6 Hex Nuts (HD75)


Operator's Manual


Engine Service Labels (Spanish)

Activate Battery (Model HD75)

1. Remove battery from machine:


ˇ Loosen wing nuts (A).

ˇ Remove cover (B).

ˇ Remove battery from tray.


2. Remove and discard safety tape (C) from across battery cells and battery cap.

3. Remove protective plastic cover (D) from the positive (+) battery post.

4. Remove and discard battery cell plugs.


5. Install battery vent hose (E) on battery cap (F).

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Battery gas can explode, to avoid injury:

- Keep sparks and flames away from batteries. Use a flashlight to check battery electrolyte level.

- Never check battery charge by placing a metal object across the posts. Use a voltmeter or hydrometer.

Sulfuric acid in battery electrolyte is poisonous. It is strong enough to burn skin, eat holes in clothing, and cause blindness if splashed into eyes.

- Wear eye protection and avoid spilling or dripping electrolyte.

- Flush eyes with water for 15-30 minutes if acid is splashed into eyes.

- If acid is swallowed, get medical attention immediately.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! DO NOT fill cells to the bottom of the filler neck (G). Electrolyte can overflow when battery is charged and cause damage.


6. Fill the battery:



ˇ Only use battery electrolyte with a 1.265 specific gravity.

ˇ Electrolyte (H) should be 6 mm (1/4 in.) above plates (I).

ˇ Add distilled water if necessary.

7. Install manifold cap.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Wait 20 minutes before charging the battery to allow the plates to "absorb" the acid so they take a charge well. The battery must be charged before mower operation can begin. Adding acid without charging will result in battery damage.

8. Charge the battery for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes at 5-10 amps. If your battery charger has a Deep Cycle or Maintenance Free setting, use this setting to charge the battery. Failure to charge the battery before use will reduce battery performance and life.

9. Install the battery on battery tray. Position battery so that terminals are towards the engine and drain vent is toward the front.

10. Connect battery cables:


ˇ Connect red positive (+) cable (J) to battery using one M6 screw and M6 hex nut. Make sure connection is tight.

ˇ Connect black negative (-) cable (K) to battery using one M6 screw and M6 hex nut. Make sure connection is tight.

ˇ Apply Anti-Corrosion Grease (DuBois MPG-2 Polymer Grease) to terminals to prevent corrosion.


11. Install battery cover (B) and tighten wing nuts (A) just tight enough to hold down battery.

12. Attach battery vent hose:

ˇ Route battery vent hose through hole in the battery tray.

Identify Parts (36/48/54-Inch Decks)


Picture Note: Top Photo: 36-Inch Deck and Parts


Picture Note: Bottom Photo: 48/54-Inch Deck and Parts

A - Mower Deck

B - Drive Belt

C - Bag of Parts

D - Discharge Chute w/ Spring Assembly (48/54-Inch decks)

E - Caster Wheels

Bag of Parts List




Lift Handle (48/54-Inch Decks)


Spring, Idler Arm


M12 Lock Nuts


M12 x 40 Cap Screws


M8 x 20 Carriage Bolts (48/54-Inch Decks)


M8 Lock Nuts (48/54-Inch Decks)

Assemble 36/48/54-Inch Mower Deck

Install Caster Wheels


1. Install both caster wheels (A) into mower deck frame:

ˇ Remove snap ring (B) from top of spindle.

Recommended initial set-up:

ˇ Position 3 washers (C) on bottom of spindle.

ˇ Position 2 washers (D) and snap ring (B) on top of spindle.

ˇ Set-up should be the same for each spindle.


2. Lubricate spindle grease fitting (E) and caster wheel grease fitting (F) with John Deere Moly High Temperature EP Grease or an equivalent.

Install Discharge Chute (48/54-Inch Decks)

NOTE: M8 Carriage bolts should be installed with the bolt head to the inside of the chute opening to avoid grass clippings from collecting on the hardware.


1. Position discharge chute assembly (A) on mower deck.

2. Install lift handle (B).

3. Install and tighten two M8 x 20 carriage bolts and M8 locknuts (C).

Attach Mower Deck (36/48/54-Inch Decks)

Prepare Power Unit


1. Tip power unit down as shown for easy access.

2. Remove and discard plastic tie strap from idler arm.

3. Install idler arm spring:


ˇ Attach long hooked end of spring (A) on idler arm (B).

ˇ Attach short hooked end of spring on transmission tab (C).

Install Mower Deck


1. Remove both knobs (A) and belt cover (B).

2. Elevate and block both sides of mower deck approximately 5 inches.

3. Raise and move power unit into position to align mower deck and power unit mounting bars.


4. Attach mower deck to power deck using:

ˇ Six M12 x 40 cap screws (C).

ˇ Six M12 lock nuts.

ˇ Tighten lock nuts to 140 Nˇm (105 lb-ft.).

NOTE: Pivoting power unit mounting bar and mower deck mounting bar must be parallel to ensure a properly leveled deck. See Level Mower Deck in the Service-Mower section.

5. Level deck.

Install Drive Belt (PTO Clutch To Mower Deck)

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Be careful when installing the drive belt. Possible pinch point between idler and PTO clutch sheave.

NOTE: To create more access and ease the installation of the drive belt, move the mower deck to a 2-Inch cutting height.

1. Install drive belt:


Picture Note: Top photo: 48/54-Inch Model Deck


Picture Note: Bottom photo: 36-Inch Model Deck

ˇ Install drive belt (A) over PTO clutch drive sheave between the idler arm sheave and idler spring.

ˇ Install drive belt over mower deck drive sheave(s) and at the same time pull spring loaded idler arm and sheave assembly (B) to loosen belt tension.

ˇ Make sure drive belt is properly routed around the spring loaded idler arm sheave (B) for proper belt tension.


Picture Note: 48/54-Inch Mower Deck

2. If necessary, see label on mower deck.


Picture Note: 36-Inch Mower Deck

Check Mower Deck Timing (36-Inch Decks)

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Express the importance to the customer of checking the Mower Deck Timing and having a properly tensioned Timing Belt. Due to belt stretching the customer should perform this service after the first 25 hours of use and at every 100 hour interval.

NOTE: Due to mower blade over-lap, the mower blades will eventually collide if the Timing is not checked and adjusted on a regular basis.


1. Note the position of the drain holes (A) in the spindle sheaves. These drain holes are in alignment with the mower blades.


2. A properly timed mower deck must have the mower blades (B) and (C) at 90° (D) from each other.

3. For a quick check on mower deck timing, sheave drain holes (A) should be approximately 90° from each other.

4. If necessary, adjust the mower deck timing. (See Adjusting Mower Deck Timing And Adjusting Timing Belt Tension in the Service - Mower section)


5. Install deck shield (E) and both knobs (F).

Check Engine Oil Level


1. Remove oil dipstick (A) and wipe clean.

2. Install dipstick. Allow dipstick threads to rest on top of filler tube.

3. Remove dipstick and check oil level. Oil level must be between ADD and FULL marks on dipstick.

4. Install and tighten dipstick.

Check Tire Pressure

NOTE: To improve straight line tracking operation, drive wheel tire pressures must be equal.

1. Check tire pressure with an accurate gauge.

2. Adjust air pressure in power deck tires as required:

Tire Size

Pressure - kPa (psi)

13 x 6.50 - 6

100-200 (15-28)

Remove Shipping Brackets

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! If shipping brackets (A) are removed it is important that attaching hardware (B) be reassembled and tightened to 80 Nˇm (60 ft.-lb).


Removal of both power deck shipping brackets (A) is not required. Customer may want to use the shipping brackets as a tie down point.

Check Machine Safety System

Perform safety system check to make sure the electronic safety interlock circuit is functioning properly. (See Testing Safety System in the Operating section.)

Check Mower Deck Level

After unit is completely assembled check the mower deck level.

Check the "Front to Rear" and "Side to Side" level. See the Service - Mower section for leveling procedures on 36, 48 and 54 inch mower decks.

Break-In Electric PTO Clutch


1. Start engine and push throttle lever (A) up to full throttle (r) position.

2. With no load on mower, ENGAGE PTO switch knob (B) and allow mower to run for 10 seconds.

ˇ DISENGAGE PTO switch knob and wait 10 seconds.

3. Repeat Step 2 for 12-15 cycles.

PTO clutch is now properly burnished.

Installing Engine Service Labels

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! DO NOT install Spanish labels over the top of the English labels.

NOTE: Spanish language labels indicating engine service requirements are provided in the bag of parts. Please install if desired.


ˇ Install the Air Cleaner Maintenance label (A) on the engine shroud below the engine label.

ˇ Install the Oil Servicing label (B) on the engine shroud below the engine label.