925D, 930D and 936D Draper Platforms(696151- )

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.


Section : 05 - Platform Safety Features


Section : 10 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Wear Protective Clothing
Park Machine Safely
Avoid Contact With Moving Parts
Avoid Contact With Cutterbar
Transport Safely
Observe Maximum Transport Speed
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Service Tires Safely
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines

Section : 15 - Safety Sign Location


Section : 20 - Attaching and Detaching

Attaching Platform to Combine
Detaching Platform from Combine

Section : 25 - Transporting

Transporting Platform on Combine
Preparing Platform for Transport (If Equipped with Slow Speed Integral Transport System)
Preparing Platform for Field Operation (If Equipped with Slow Speed Integral Transport System)

Section : 30 - Operating the Platform

General Information
Draper Belt Speed
Reel Settings
Feed Drum Settings
Gauge Wheel Settings
Harvesting in Dry Crop Conditions
Harvesting in Tough Feeding Crop Conditions
Harvesting in Short, Thin Crops
Harvesting in Down Crops
Bushy/High Volume Crops
Recommended Combine Settings
Recommended Initial Crop Settings
Seed Loss Chart

Section : 35 - Attachments

Crop Lifters (Optional)
Crop Lifter Installation
Crop Lifter Adjustments
Divider Point Options
Divider Point Plate
Vertical Divider Point Rod
Winged Divider Point (Optional)
Reel End Fingers (Attachment)
Skid Shoes

Section : 40 - Calibration Procedures

Header Calibration

Section : 45 - Active Header Control (AHC)™ Operation

Active Header Control (AHC) Display (Optional on 50 Series Combine)
Header Height Resume

Section : 50 - Adjustments - Suspension and Leveling

Leveling Platform Suspension
Leveling Draper Cutterbar to Ground

Section : 55 - Adjustments - Feeding Related

Platform Adjustment-Feeding
Adjusting Cutterbar Tilt
Adjusting Feed Drum Finger Timing
Adjusting Drum Height
Adjusting Draper Side Belt Position
Adjusting Draper Side Belt Tension
Adjusting Draper Center Belt Tensioner
Removing Sump Pan

Section : 60 - Adjustments - Reel

Setting Reel Safety Stops
Adjusting Minimum Reel Height and Leveling Reel
Rephasing Reel Lift Cylinders
Bleeding the System
Finger Pickup Settings
Manual Adjustment of Reel Fore/Aft
Hydraulic Adjustment of Reel Fore/Aft (Optional)
Fore/Aft Cylinder Mount Adjustments
DIAL-A-SPEED™ (Attachment)
Speed Ratio Sensor Adjustment

Section : 65 - Adjustments - General

Knife Hold-Down Clearance
Adjusting Air Bag Pressure (Optional)

Section : 70 - Adjustments - Windrow Conversion

Windrow Conversion
Conversion to Windrowing (930D With Split-Belt Windrow Option)
Conversion To Windrow (936D With Split-Belt Windrow Option)
Conversion to Windrow (936D With Regular Belts)

Section : 75 - Lubricants

Draper Main Gearbox
Lubricant Storage
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants

Section : 80 - Lubrication and Maintenance

Lubricate Draper Main Gearbox
Lubrication Symbols
Every 50 Hours of Operation
Every 200 And 400 Hours of Operation

Section : 85 - Service

Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stop
Setting Reel Safety Stops
Reel Drive Gear Adjustment
End Covers Removal
End Cover Installation
Guard Replacement
Left-Hand End Guard Replacement
Right-Hand End Guard Replacement
Replacing Cutterbar Knife
Knife Section Service Kit
Replacing Knife Sections
Aligning Knife Head and Knife Drive Alignment
Cleaning Material Build Up at End Covers
Replacing Cutterbar Drive Belt
Side Draper Belt Replacement
Center Draper Belt Replacement
Header Warning Light Bulb Replacement
Spare Knife Storage (Optional)
Feed Drum Finger Guide and Cap Replacement
Replacing Feed Drum Fingers and Retainers

Section : 90 - Storage

End of Season Service
Beginning of Season Service

Section : 95 - Troubleshooting

Cutting Platform

Section : 100 - Specifications

Combine Compatibility
Overall Dimensions
Gauge Wheel Tire Pressure
Platform Weights
Header Identification Number

Section : 105 - Crime Prevention Tips

Help Prevent Crime
Record Identification Numbers
Keep Proof of Ownership
Park Indoors Out of Sight
When Parking Outdoors
Reduce Vandalism
Report Thefts Immediately
Technical Information
John Deere Is At Your Service When You Need It